Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast

Aamber and Charlie understand that adulting as millennial black women in Los Angeles is not easy. These best friends started Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast so that women can know they are not alone in their desire for perfection, or even just for survival.

After college graduation, the ladies simply picked up their high school friendship right where they left off; but they found that their adult lives were not that simple at all. Job losses, new marriages, and keeping friendships are just a few things that they learned to navigate along the way. All of this while living in Los Angeles, a city with not-so-many “angels” as it turns out.

Aamber and Charlie created Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast as a safe space to share hilarious experiences, contrasting opinions, and to create a proudly imperfect community for women of color.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are our own. Views expressed have no affiliation with any outside entity.

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